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One Imperfection You Can’t Stand: The One Aspect We Avoid In Our Games

It’s got the gameplay, the visual style and fidelity, anything you can list off is fantastic….except for one thing. The one thing you really kinda need to enjoy the experience or it’s just going to nag at you. Great games are out there and many of them we may not ever try thanks to one […]

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Would Somebody Give That Girl A Damn Hug?!: Character Resonance In Video Games

So a video game is a fictional world,yes? Those worlds can have entirely different ways of life than the reality we all know and as such common sense might differ from our mindset, we can all agree to this I believe. I see them face a moment with a simple decision to do from even […]

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Hey HEEEY HEEEY HAAAAY LOOK AT DIS GAME!: Hype & Marketing For Video Games

All aboard the goddamn hype train, there aren’t any brakes on this ride! Well actually, maybe there should be, why the hell are you screaming about this everybody knows it is gonna be decent at the least. This is my issue with marketing and hype for games, like the above Destiny and Titanfall. Okay so […]

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