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Abandon Ship, That One Doesn’t Have A Gamepad: What The Nintendo NX Could Do/Mean

Well, the name is already an improvement. We’ve all known for a while that Nintendo is working on what seems to be a new console to in my own words “reboot their entry into the HD realm”. Frankly I do think they kind of need it as the Wii U as much as it has […]

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I Return Bearing Criticism & Discontent: Metroid Prime Federation Force Impressions

I’ll have you know I threw up a little putting the Metroid Prime moniker in the title. I feel all gross now. I’m also back from a little hiatus due to life and other things thinking my blogging efforts needed to be trimmed to bugger all. Well luckily that just means upon my return I […]

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Lots Of Pixels Or Lavish Landscapes: Resolution or Extras In Video Games

The recent generation of consoles have notably been lacking an upgrade to 1080p, a resolution expected to be the standard by now. Some recent games I have played are Wii U games that laud a 1080p resolution which is nice to have every now and again. However these games don’t seem to benefit from it […]

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