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Abandon Ship, That One Doesn’t Have A Gamepad: What The Nintendo NX Could Do/Mean

Well, the name is already an improvement. We’ve all known for a while that Nintendo is working on what seems to be a new console to in my own words “reboot their entry into the HD realm”. Frankly I do think they kind of need it as the Wii U as much as it has […]

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200cc Is Kinda Bad: Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 & 200cc Impressions

What do you do when your internet is up for longer than 30 minutes? Well I for one thought I’d download that there new karting madness by downloading the Mario Kart 8 update with the new speed class and the DLC tracks. For what it cost me as usual I am rather happy with what […]

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Cruising Around To The Sound Of A Bear Eating Peanut Butter: Great Engine Sounds In Video Games

I never notice how much I love the sound of my car going fast till I hit a whopping fuck all per hour. Of course going fast is one thing but it has to¬†sound¬†great, it has to grumble along at normal speed and sound angry at everything as I bypass my opponents with my very […]

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