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One Imperfection You Can’t Stand: The One Aspect We Avoid In Our Games

It’s got the gameplay, the visual style and fidelity, anything you can list off is fantastic….except for one thing. The one thing you really kinda need to enjoy the experience or it’s just going to nag at you. Great games are out there and many of them we may not ever try thanks to one […]

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When Creators Are Outmatched By Consumers: Mario Maker Could Be Bad For Nintendo

Letting the customer have a go at creating levels or what have you has proven to be quite an interesting step for many games. Steam lets players weave together all sorts of visual modifications into certain games with comical results, Garry’s Mod lets people create various modes and maps to play in. This is all […]

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Long Sighted Protagonist Problems: Off Screen In Video Games

When my view in the game world is limited to what the camera allows me to see, it’d be great if that which isn’t in the camera didn’t blow me up from off screen. I shouldn’t have to be fearful of things off camera deciding to shoot me or run at me, it’s like monsters […]

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