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Judge It Fully By Its Cover: Does Video Game Box Art Have A Future?

If a picture paints a thousand words, it’s clearly a fucking fantastic way to market your game by fitting what will likely be the entire length of this post into one message. The box art of video games has of course had its ups and downs but in general I think they are the most […]

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This Is A Black Image, Black Is A Colour….Wait: Objective Reviewing Of Video Games

Not much that comes from a persons mouth is objective, to be at an objective stance requires an amount of self awareness and control reaching levels of godhood. However that sounds like a problem to a bunch of people concerning how reviewers on the various gaming sites talk about and score a game, suggesting that […]

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Long Sighted Protagonist Problems: Off Screen In Video Games

When my view in the game world is limited to what the camera allows me to see, it’d be great if that which isn’t in the camera didn’t blow me up from off screen. I shouldn’t have to be fearful of things off camera deciding to shoot me or run at me, it’s like monsters […]

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