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One Imperfection You Can’t Stand: The One Aspect We Avoid In Our Games

It’s got the gameplay, the visual style and fidelity, anything you can list off is fantastic….except for one thing. The one thing you really kinda need to enjoy the experience or it’s just going to nag at you. Great games are out there and many of them we may not ever try thanks to one […]

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If You Wanted Mercy That Was 5 Stops Back: Games You Abandon Because Of Difficulty

It is a damn good thing all games are not made equal because some of them kick my ass. Some of them when I was a kid because hey, children learn best through blood and tears. Others perpetually piss me off to this day and I can never go further than a few levels before […]

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Man Oh Man That Is Pretty Pretty: Making A Spectacle In Video Games

HD gaming has brought what I can consider one of the biggest sins of gaming, yes I speak of the normalisation of beauty. It comes few and far between when a game is both pretty and knows it, it makes a spectacle of its world and sets up various ways for you to stop and […]

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