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You Make It So Hard To Love You: WordPress User Interface Alterations

Considering it was around 2 weeks I was practically gone from WordPress, I shouldn’t have been that surprised there would be alterations to the Reader. Yet here I am still trying to fiddle with the new layout and for goodness sake it just doesn’t agree with me. Scrolling it is now restricted to manual, I can’t […]

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I’m Really Not Feeling Those Prices: Should I Wait For A Possible Xenoblade Chronicles Port Or Not?

I’d really like to play this little Wii game for two reasons, one because it is apparently a really good, really long game with not enough sales. The other is I’d like to play the original before the sequel comes out later this year which I also want to buy. The only problem? A used […]

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A Universe Conspiring Against Blogging: Minor Update On My Lack Of Posts

I was going to resume blogging now that E3 has quietened down and my posts don’t get lost in a sea of “ermagerd guise Ferrout Fer & Kingdom Herts Tree”. Sadly, IT GOT SO VICIOUSLY HOT HERE IN ENGLAND. Hottest day of the year kinda hot, the kinda hot that makes the people born in the […]

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