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Donkey Disappointment & Dreary Digging: Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze & SteamWorld Dig Impressions

As I smack games off the to-do list and even buy and complete one within 6 hours for the hell of it, I feel like going on and on about what I think to strangers on the internet. Convenient it is then that I can do so so easily. First we tear into Donkey Kong […]

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200cc Is Kinda Bad: Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 & 200cc Impressions

What do you do when your internet is up for longer than 30 minutes? Well I for one thought I’d download that there new karting madness by downloading the Mario Kart 8 update with the new speed class and the DLC tracks. For what it cost me as usual I am rather happy with what […]

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Smack A Dinosaur In The Face For Half An Hour: Monster Hunter 4 Demo Impressions

Dammit, I thought I had finally gotten back into posting on the blog and suddenly life decides to become a hindrance. Well its Valentines Day I guess so I will be posting something containing a lot of negativity and complaining. I’m not doing it┬ábecause it’s Valentines Day it just makes me feel like I do […]

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