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You Don’t Need It But Ya Kinda Do: Collection For Completion In Video Games

Some games won’t ask you to collect and achieve everything and yet will drive it home each stage as some form of numeric guilt. The small difference when it gives you an A-rank as a nice work to an S-rank that reacts with fireworks, screaming and praise. The chime that only comes with a perfect […]

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Abandon Ship, That One Doesn’t Have A Gamepad: What The Nintendo NX Could Do/Mean

Well, the name is already an improvement. We’ve all known for a while that Nintendo is working on what seems to be a new console to in my own words “reboot their entry into the HD realm”. Frankly I do think they kind of need it as the Wii U as much as it has […]

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One Imperfection You Can’t Stand: The One Aspect We Avoid In Our Games

It’s got the gameplay, the visual style and fidelity, anything you can list off is fantastic….except for one thing. The one thing you really kinda need to enjoy the experience or it’s just going to nag at you. Great games are out there and many of them we may not ever try thanks to one […]

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