One Imperfection You Can’t Stand: The One Aspect We Avoid In Our Games

atlus-logoIt’s got the gameplay, the visual style and fidelity, anything you can list off is fantastic….except for one thing. The one thing you really kinda need to enjoy the experience or it’s just going to nag at you. Great games are out there and many of them we may not ever try thanks to one addition or lack thereof which we find to be a necessity.

Why the Atlus image? Well pretty commonly they release all the games they localise with an option of dual audio, that is to have the audio track of both the original and a recently dubbed version. I’m not one to argue which one is better or worse, I can say though that the original has some pretty strong positives out of simply being the original.

The original has more money thrown into voice work, pretty guaranteed considering it is what the original vision was worked on in. Of course they are gonna splash out for some quality voice actors in their native tongue, it is where they are most comfortable most of the time.

Of course the problem that would occur in dubbing it over is whether or not is is translated or localised. A translation is simply converting to a language, localising is converting to a culture. References that only work in one lands language, characters that cultures can perceive entirely different ways based on ideals and morals. In one land that is crude and if made here we’d all pay attention to it, in another it is hardly noticed.

If a game doesn’t let me have the original voices it better have a damn good dub or bare minimum have subtitles I can read and skip through faster than they talk. I know I can read lines faster than these hacks can attempt to deliver them. Yes voice directors are mostly in charge of how someone is told to say something, a bad voice choice or horrible inflexion though should surely be apparent on recording.

So I gotta have my dual audio, I can live but it is around 80% of the sale right there, thus my interest in Xenoblade Chronicles but not so much the other parts of the Operation Rainfall. Yes, I’m really feeling it will be felt throughout the ages, I’m gonna kill somebody if I have to hear it in such a long game though, it’s best use is Smash Bros as a taunt, feeling that stage spike are ya Sheik? I am.

A genre I love to delve in every now and again is the racing genre, the kart variety more likely than realistic thanks to track variety and visual flash. The courses could be great, the music on point and the item balance pretty darn good….but I don’t like the drifting.

Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing and its sequel just never clicked with me for drift controls. It’s a rather integral part of the game especially with a lack of impact with many of the items. When I think a racing game with good drifting, I think of Crash team Racing on the PS1. A phenomenal game with the drift controls I would genuinely marry if I could, never have I felt so good with a roaring engine pushing me so close round a corner I could lick the walls. Tastes like victory. I LIKE victory.

CTR however doesn’t really have the kind of music I like. Yes it suits the tracks and during the race it pumps me up to floor it but I don’t listen to it outside the game. I can say the latter is true for the Sega All Stars but I don’t ever want to actually play it with those inferior controls. Somebody already did it right, either be as good or have something else be a big mechanic.

Maybe the visual style turns you away, the music genre present, the mere mention of a crafting system or item carrying limits working against the damn crafting resource collection……..oh and two gun limits. I appreciate the tactical aspect of a two gun limit but it better be a fantastic game in every other area otherwise I’m going back to the arsenal in your pocket games. A gun for every situation is a sensation worth fighting for.

What aspect or lack of will turn you away from a game? What mechanics do you love that could go in games and improve them greatly? What ones do you despise that you wish could be burned away from your gaming pleasure? Thanks for the read and I’ll see you later.


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  1. #1 by Reless85 on August 24, 2015 - 10:06 pm

    I am a HUGE fan of the Resident Evil series but I have to say that Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles on the Wii are almost unplayable. I really hate the Wii-mote waggling. My poor wrists 😦 Some company thought “well…lets bundle it with a plastic gunthingy” BUT HOW THE HELL AM I TO PERFORM THE QUICK TIME EVENTS WITH THAT THING!? Someone was not thinking.

    I also agree with the arsenal in your pocket statement. I miss that AND the health pickups.

    I also hate when games just keep going for way too long. God of War was one of those games for me. Halfway through I thought “It must be over soon…”.


    • #2 by Prof.mcstevie on August 24, 2015 - 10:38 pm

      I imagine for some people a certain game length expectancy becomes the single reason they don’t play it.

      Yeah its good and all….but I have to sit down and really bite at it, don’t want to just pop into the game every other weekend when its dozens of hours large.

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  2. #3 by eightbitsamurai on August 18, 2015 - 5:25 pm

    I’ve been trying to get into Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven because I love Rune Factory 4 so much but GOD it’s SOOOOO SLOOOOW. Every single motion and emoticon in a cutscene takes foreeeeever to finish, it’s like reading a children’s book. I get that there have to be emotion bubbles and stuff because they’re chibi graphics so there’s a lack of subtlety…but I mean, RF4 had bubbles pop up and then go away in a fraction of a second, and you could skip through text as fast as you could read it.

    So I guess what I’m saying is, if there’s no skip button/fast-forward for those of us that have lives to get back to, I’m probably gonna skip it. The best RPGs have brisk enough text and the like that I never feel bogged or slowed down.


    • #4 by Prof.mcstevie on August 18, 2015 - 5:42 pm

      I share your blight with many RPGs, why is it important in this scene for them to walk slowly, turn slowly, react slowly and fade to black 3 times…. all that actually happened was a lever was pulled and my patience wasted.


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