I’m Really Not Feeling Those Prices: Should I Wait For A Possible Xenoblade Chronicles Port Or Not?


I’d really like to play this little Wii game for two reasons, one because it is apparently a really good, really long game with not enough sales. The other is I’d like to play the original before the sequel comes out later this year which I also want to buy. The only problem? A used copy is 50+ and a new copy god forbid is lurking near the triple digits.

Now I got money to spend no problem, I just don’t know if its gonna bite me in the ass hard if Nintendo happens to release the Wii game onto the Wii U e-shop for a more appropriate RRP. I’m not going to buy the New Nintendo 3DS for just this game, it could shit gold and bring about world peace I’m not gonna buy a system for 1 game out of principle. It also has worse graphics which, while not exactly stellar on the Wii, it is clearly the inferior version. Graphics are like size ladies and gentleman, it certainly does matter it is simply not the only defining factor, the experience is a composite.

So really, my problem is in part the ludicrous price to play it anywhere with the Wii path being the lesser of two evils. I just don’t like getting yanked around with the complete lack of knowledge about the Wii U e-shop library. I’ve already bought games on my PS3 that were released for free on PSPlus that quite frankly felt like Sony took my money and slapped me in the face with it. It wasn’t even that old yet dammit!

Now with the existence of the 3DS port, it would be weird to release it for Wii U digital download, you basically undermined the single game that sells the power of the New 3DS. A marketing perspective says absolutely not, although the very name of that system brings into question the competence of the marketing department so who knows. If I had knowledge that it wasn’t coming I’d just grab it and move on with my life, the lack of knowing is painful. Maybe they will do a Bayonetta and release both together? Don’t know. It’d be nice, hell if they bumped up some of the qualities for the Wii U I’d be ecstatic.

Problem is a lot of people would feel like they got yanked around with the existence of the New 3DS becoming a waste of money short of the convenience of the portability. It is a huge game so I imagine having that wherever you want is nice. Personally the time I’d spend charging the damn system would tie me down too much to seem worthwhile. Same with Monster Hunter 4, if I could manage to play on lowest brightness I’d still get like 4 hours, might as well just sit down and do it on a big ass screen.

With that all and said, my question to all who read this is simple: should I simply grab the game for those obtuse prices online or should I wait out with fingers, toes, damn near everything crossed? I got games to play if I was to wait so I’m not in need of a game in a drought, I just wanna start gnawing on that beastly expected hours of the game. I already have a wait for Tales of Zestiria and it’s technical issues on my PS3 as I refuse to upgrade, a RPG is not a untouched genre for my future.

How do you feel when a game gets released in a format far cheaper and easier than one you recently got? Do you think Nintendo should give some heads up of what they are working on porting? Are you looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X? Thanks for the read and I’ll see you later.


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  1. #1 by cary on August 7, 2015 - 1:29 pm

    I’ve not been following XCX much, as I’m currently headlong into Xenoblade itself — a borrowed copy, mind you, which I think is the way to go if you can somehow manage it. (Agreed that the prices for it online are completely asinine. Though honestly, if I were in the market for it, I’d be willing to snag it for up to $20 over its original cost. But anything in the 3-digit range is way overblown.) While I don’t doubt that the 3DS version of the game will be fun, what it may lack the grand scale of the original. Never before have I felt so significantly insignificant in a game before — it’s amazing. And very addictive (the game, the atmosphere, everything). A Xenoblade Chronicles/Xenoblade Chronicles X package (like you mention with Bayonetta) would be fantastic. So yeah, it’d be very nice indeed if the big N gave a little notice about that, if it’s even a thing.


    • #2 by Prof.mcstevie on August 7, 2015 - 4:37 pm

      Being in the dark is the worst part, ya just feel adrift hoping thing may or may not happen.

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