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Good Company Is Timeless: Video Game Characters As A Selling Point

Sometimes a game will pique my interest because it has an interesting visual design. Other times it will be a mechanic or two that I can really resonate with. Whatever the reason I or you may find that hooks us in at first glance, I find myself going to games from a certain developer or […]

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I Return Bearing Criticism & Discontent: Metroid Prime Federation Force Impressions

I’ll have you know I threw up a little putting the Metroid Prime moniker in the title. I feel all gross now. I’m also back from a little hiatus due to life and other things thinking my blogging efforts needed to be trimmed to bugger all. Well luckily that just means upon my return I […]

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A Universe Conspiring Against Blogging: Minor Update On My Lack Of Posts

I was going to resume blogging now that E3 has quietened down and my posts don’t get lost in a sea of “ermagerd guise Ferrout Fer & Kingdom Herts Tree”. Sadly, IT GOT SO VICIOUSLY HOT HERE IN ENGLAND. Hottest day of the year kinda hot, the kinda hot that makes the people born in the […]

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