Duck & Cover Under The Headlines: E3 Madness & My Silence


Just thought I’d let anybody who is interested know that I am in fact not dead but rather see little reason to blog during the storm of news that is E3. Just a meagre scroll through my Reader and I see Fallout 4 mentioned at least a dozen times with Doom coming up to take the crown for most over-reported news. I’m not saying they are unworthy of all this hype and excitement but it surely must be apparent to many that you and every other person with an internet connection is screaming about it. Often they come with with no redeeming qualities in the articles or what have you, simply a report without any personal substance.

I have things I want to post myself but in this kind of storm I find it better to not put effort into words that will only be heard by the few followers who are watching. Your interest is of course always appreciated but I do like to expand to more and more people when blogging, even if all I get is someone nice to talk to in the comments. I must stay silent and let the week of E3 pass, I didn’t even post a lot the weeks before because of both the summer weather and the multitude of hype trains leaving the station simultaneously. Careful none of them crash into each other, for the love of god.

I salute all those who choose to be active as the shadows of E3 blanket us, you are the dedicated ones beyond rationality. Just wanted to say I’m not dead is all, just playing the long game and waiting for everyone and his mother to report the new games, make lists for the new games, put them in their best of this year journal and jump to the next new piece. E3 can certainly be fun for many, in the blogging sphere however it causes deja vu something fierce. Good luck to you all, I might get my engines going next week or some time after that when things quiet down.

If you are a regular blogger, do you find there are times of the year that get so mind boggling busy? Do you get tired of seeing the 40th news post or article about something that was shown up to a week ago? I can’t go anywhere right now without the words Bethesda in my face. It’s rather annoying.Thanks for the read and I’ll see you later…much later.


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  1. #1 by Gaming Backlog on June 16, 2015 - 3:10 am

    Yea, I was excited to see the news about Fallout 4, but like you, I don’t see a single reason to write a blog and say, “Click here, because I’m excited about it, too.” Maybe later I’ll write something about it, but people are looking for E3 stuff right now, not blogger opinions.

    As a matter of fact, the last blog I posted was about a TV show (Orange is the New Black) that has a new season on Netflix. Before that, I did write out my first reactions to an E3 schedule that I found online (it wasn’t very exciting), but it hasn’t been getting any views… because… it’s not REAL E3 news. I think I’ll sit back and let the E3 buzz peak and die down before I make any more posts.


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