Allergic To The Most Common Weed On The Planet: Summer Has Come & So Has Hay Fever


it says something fantastic about the human race, dominator of the planet Earth when they have overreactions to bloody grass, dontcha think? Summer has come and so I find myself with slightly sore eyes but mostly the sneezing fits. I can do with the sneezing, its the temporary blindness during that makes my heart skip a beat. Crossing the road? Oh I might just get hit as the guy crossing the red light gets flashed….with a shot of me mid sneeze. What a funeral that’d be, his final words were along the lines of “EECHUU” and his face looked like he sucked on the worlds most sour lemon.

I think though the biggest fear is when I’m sitting there doing something serious in a game and suddenly I might have to do it blind for a split second. Fine in something slow but I was playing 200cc Mario Kart recently and I found myself half a mile off road essentially within seconds. I also got around to beating the last challenges in Smash Bros for Wii U, you do not want to have to sneeze on 9.0 Master Core, it is the stuff of nightmares.

Summer also brings out some of the worst aspects of trying to anything with my hands: they are covered in a ever so light layer of sweat constantly and I do mean constantly. Some days you can manage others its like the controllers are cartoon soap that is impossible to grip. This whole “sweating” thing isn’t exactly something my generation started so can I get something easier to hold when I’m “moist” please controller creators? All humans are different truly when you see how much sweat can come from a single person in a matter of moments, I think I might need a plumber instead of a doctor.

My biggest problem hands down is the solution to one seem to be worsening the other. I can close the windows and keep the pollen from affecting me but then we have no windows open in June. I’m either waterlogged of my own accord or seemingly trying to repel demons with phlegm. I don’t see no demons so hey it might be working but it’s not a very enjoyable activity to say the least. Hell I’d say one of the big reasons I haven’t wanted to blog much this week was that sitting still for so long I’d leave a moist patch on the carpet where I sit. Nothing is comfortable when your all hot and sticky.

I’d probably just sit back and catch up on my WordPress Reader but it doesn’t seem to load anything further back than 12 hours which I assume is a glitch in the system. I don’t believe the universe picks on people but if there was anything close I just might be the chosen one, always close to potential death outside my house with sporadic blindness, can’t game worth a damn as I struggle to hold a controller without getting sores and I can’t even just chill and read other peoples posts beyond half a day. Woe is me, I can only hope there is some greatness around the corner to counter all this. I love the summer, but I hate being in it.

It’s also only dark for like 4 hours and its so warm when you try to sleep, my body is not ready. Please stop. This is wrong. Stop it right now.Jerk.

What allergies do you have or know of that interfere with daily life? What strife do you have gaming in extreme weather? Is the WordPress Reader being mean to you as well or is this just karma for eating that whole 24 pack of Jaffa cakes? Thanks for the read and I’ll sneeze you later.


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  1. #1 by Matt on June 8, 2015 - 12:24 pm

    My WordPress reader seems to be working fine. Case in point, I found this post, which was published a couple of days ago! =P

    I do have allergies, but they are relatively mild and rarely strike. Just don’t ask me what exactly it is I am allergic to, because I have no clue.

    I love gaming in extreme weather, because I don’t feel bad about not going outside! =D


    • #2 by Prof.mcstevie on June 8, 2015 - 9:00 pm

      Good thing you aren’t MY friend then, out of morbid curiosity I’d keep introducing allergens when you are focusing to figure out which it is!

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