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Duck & Cover Under The Headlines: E3 Madness & My Silence

Just thought I’d let anybody who is interested know that I am in fact┬ánot dead but rather see little reason to blog during the storm of news that is E3. Just a meagre scroll through my Reader and I see Fallout 4 mentioned at least a dozen times with Doom coming up to take the […]

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Allergic To The Most Common Weed On The Planet: Summer Has Come & So Has Hay Fever

it says something fantastic about the human race, dominator of the planet Earth when they have overreactions to bloody grass, dontcha think? Summer has come and so I find myself with slightly sore eyes but mostly the sneezing fits. I can do with the sneezing, its the temporary blindness during that makes my heart skip […]

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Judge It Fully By Its Cover: Does Video Game Box Art Have A Future?

If a picture paints a thousand words, it’s clearly a fucking fantastic way to market your game by fitting what will likely be the entire length of this post into one message. The box art of video games has of course had its ups and downs but in general I think they are the most […]

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