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This Is A Black Image, Black Is A Colour….Wait: Objective Reviewing Of Video Games

Not much that comes from a persons mouth is objective, to be at an objective stance requires an amount of self awareness and control reaching levels of godhood. However that sounds like a problem to a bunch of people concerning how reviewers on the various gaming sites talk about and score a game, suggesting that […]

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To Sequel Or Not To Sequel: Sequels Or In-Universe Branches In Video Games

Sometimes a good story should just stay tied up, no ass-pulls or retcons for a sequel in sight. Of course this isn’t the case usually thanks to the fact that some people┬áreally like their money, undoing whole narrative impacts along with its characters in the hope of turning a few games into a franchise. Now […]

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Donkey Disappointment & Dreary Digging: Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze & SteamWorld Dig Impressions

As I smack games off the to-do list and even buy and complete one within 6 hours for the hell of it, I feel like going on and on about what I think to strangers on the internet. Convenient it is then that I can do so so easily. First we tear into Donkey Kong […]

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