Back In My Day We Did Nothing & Liked It: New Standards & Generation Gaps


Back in my day we went outside and played, even in a hurricane. Wait that doesn’t sound much fun but I suppose that is perspective for you. My recent outing of internet had got me thinking about how reliant I am on it to get on with my day to day business and entertain myself when necessary, how much of my generation depends on it. It is the largest network of computers with the largest stores of information in the world though so perhaps I can be a bit more lenient in my judgement. At times like this, it makes me think about those who would object at my dismay, touting that back in their day, things were less and they liked it.

Now lemme look at that for a second. You grew up in a time where there was a less dense population, internet was still working on existing and you got along fine. Well clearly you got along fine without it, you didn’t even know what you were missing. Naivety can be very vicious with how it slaps you in the face with a realisation, it is unbelievably easy to live without something you never knew.

I’d like to every now and again go outside and play B-ball with my friends, however there is a critical flaw in that plan: my friends don’t play B-ball. Without people to play with I don’t go out, and so we loop around as my friends don’t play because I don’t play and I don’t play because my friends don’t. Nobody is frolicking in the grass and we are all here playing board games and minesweeper till the router stops being a dick.

I’m sure if I was raised with a different standard I wouldn’t mind not having access to the internet but the fact of the matter is I know what it is to live better and that digs into you, to the core of who you are. You damn sure appreciate a luxury in your life but if you live with what another may call a luxury all the time it is particularly difficult to take anything less. Worse is the progress of technology making everything we did before seem so silly and obsolete, you can’t watch anything that isn’t ported to DVD because video players are exceedingly rare….like amiibo rare.

Personally, if I was gonna raise a child I’d be damn sure they understand the technology they are using. Fuck the 7 year olds with an Ipad, you getting a bath toy and one of those 50 games in 1 LED systems till your 14. No phones, you get a pager till you have proven that you understand the level of technology you hold in your hands, lets see you sext without a damn camera phone. Me and you gonna be using the link up cable to trade pokemon, you can play the later generations when you got all of the pokemon in the previous games, get the most out of what you have.

It is natural to be nostalgic for the times of yonder and to be distraught at those who are discontent with what you lived like or maybe even enjoyed. Even at the basic level of someone complaining or not enjoying your favourite film, it’s a weird quirk but we often take it personally and I do mean personally.

My friend acted as if had just eaten a baby when I said I didn’t like his favourite show, personally it was just not doing it for me but when I said that I became dead to him…twice in an hour. Disliking this is like disliking all that is me… you prick, go watch your shit shows like a shit show…watcher guy. He isn’t particularly expansive in his diction when upset, can’t say I am either but it’s fun to look back at the words that fly from our lips in the heat of the moment.

I will never understand how my parents and grandparents entertained themselves as kids, kicking balls in the garden and playing board games is all I can come up with that a moderately aged person could do 35 or so years ago. I will meet people in a good decade or so that will be astounded that when I was a child we ever played a console that you had to stop playing every now and again cos the plug would overheat. They will gawk and chuckle at the concept of a blowing into the cartridge hole in your system to clean the dust out.

You really shouldn’t do that by the way, it just puts moisture on the them and makes them erode faster. Get yourself some professional equipment to de-dust that stuff, they’ll probably sell it at a vintage store….oh god I’m vintage… la vintage I guess.

What did your parents do for entertainment that astounds you? How would you raise a child to ensure they comprehend the level of tech they hold in their hands? What nostalgic thing do you look forward to going on about when you get older? Thanks for the read and I’ll see you later…when my internet comes back.

Please come back internet….we had just great times together.


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  1. #1 by leathehatless on May 2, 2015 - 3:04 pm

    Yeah, for me it’s hard to understand 2 year old’s with an Iphone so i think if i ever get kids the technology is going to be balanced. It’s fun to be diverse, we all need one day just to relax and do nothing. =)


  2. #2 by Modern Reviewing Nerd on April 30, 2015 - 9:32 pm

    It’s pretty sad that as technology progresses, people became drones to it and it makes the newer generations worse. I know and you know that maybe we’re blinded by nostalgia, but you also have to remember that your parents felt that way about your lifestyle. It’s a generational thing. Besides, if we don’t change and improve for the better, then it will probably take even longer for use to be riding hovercrafts, using virtual reality, and going to Mars as a small vacation.


  3. #3 by Mikael Raheem on April 30, 2015 - 8:39 pm

    The inability of some parents when it comes to making sure their kids understand technology is amazing. Seeing 10-year-olds surfing the web on their iPhones is pretty insane when you think about what they might accidentally stumble on. It’s like letting your kid pick the movie when you go to the theater: they’ll probably pick the latest Disney movie, but they might also pick 50 Shades of Grey.


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