The Hype Train Got Some New Wheels: My Choices For The Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot


No matter what I may or may not feel for Smash 4, this new ballot stuff is getting me invigorated once more. For those of you who don’t know, there is an open ballot for anyone to suggest a character to be added to the smash roster, open to any character that will close 6 months from now. Like everybody else I had some ideas for some characters I thought and seen as they do kindly ask to limit the votes to one per person, I felt like pouring my brain onto the keyboard and getting the other ideas out.


My vote was for these character, Vent and Aile from Megeman ZX. They are identical in every way when it comes to gameplay so you’ve already got your male/female split down. One of the biggest reasons I thought they’d be good is they have access to forms of various characters from previous Megaman games. This was important as one of the reasons I’d put these guys in over say just Zero or just X. With the forms available they can change into X, Zero, the Four Guardian of Neo Arcadia being Harpuia, Fenrir, Leviathan and Phantom. These alone would provide a tremendous pool of play styles and attacks that could be implemented.

What really is the kicker is that if you beat a hidden boss and finish the game, you can acquire the form of the final boss of Megaman Zero 3: Omega. Omega is a phenomenal opponent in the lore as the owner of Zeros original body but doesn’t really live up to it till his appearance as a hidden boss in ZX where he is astoundingly aggressive. The potential of having this form as a likely Final Smash would be unreal, I can hear his remixed theme playing as I type this and believe that Vent/Aile could be a hell of an inclusion into the roster with just the possibilities in gameplay, let alone anything else.

Just look at the Omega form for goodness sake.


I get a tingle in a very private place just looking at it.

One of the other characters I see a lot of hope for is a classic retro character who has fallen on hard times since his creators were bought by Konami: Bomberman. Gotta say I still hope to see him myself.


If at any time in the 90s and noughties you wanted to know raw, humorous multi-player fun, you booted up Bomberman. A grid based game of trying to blow up your opponents with a myriad of items and stage hazards as well as the obvious bombs, the series was and still is fantastic. With Smash Bros. ability to promote a quiet, unheard character to the minds of thousands upon thousands of players, I can see why a lot of people want him in.

More than just exposure, the character is a happy and cheery character with a rather comical side to his actions and occasional deaths. I’ve heard people want to see various incarnations of his into the series but personally I’d have to go with the tone they struck in the PS1 Bomberman: Party Edition.

Check it out on Youtube yourself and enjoy the laughs you’ll get every time someone goes BOOM, finding anything specific might give off a different impression. From what I understand there are those who would argue that he would “just use bombs” which seems like an odd argument in a game that made a complete moveset and character of Captain Falcon from nothing at all.

The other character I had in mind was another rather quiet character from a Namco platforming series, Klonoa.


I love everything about this character, his design is fantastic and I love listening to his voice…in Japanese of course, anyone who foolishly listened to the attempt to dub it in the Wii remake of the original will know why. His premise as a character is he uses the ring in his hands to shoot wind bullets that capture enemies and blows them up to balloon size for his use as a weapon, platform or what comes to mind. With many great platformers the games take this premise and expand upon its uses, providing plenty of potential for attacks.

I can imagine Pac-Man being freaked out by Pac-Man insignia on his hat as well as various people wondering how he manages to temporarily float with those ears. Regardless I don’t think I can really explain why I think this character should go in, it isn’t as straightforward as a design decision so much as it’s just about everything I got from playing his games. They’re on the PS1 and PS2 if you are interested, check them out yourself or watch someone, either way just take a look.

Obviously all these characters come from games with simply fantastic music and stage potential, I couldn’t recommend a great character with only an okay OST, it’d be committing heresy with a soundtrack like Smash Bros. These are really my top 3 as I’d likely just keep going for characters if I could and so would many others. Curse my good nature holding back my urge to spam the ballots, I can only hope now and so can you, fun times.

Sakurai if you make any character from the ballot a clone I will personally come and shit on your desk, for real. Just don’t do it.

What characters would you like to see win the smash ballot? Do you think a place should go to an unknown character or a character who could make for interesting gameplay? Thanks for the read and I’ll see you later.


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  1. #1 by Mitch on April 15, 2015 - 5:48 pm

    Reblogged this on 4tokenstoplay and commented:
    I personally voted for Waluigi and Rayman, Waluigi has repeated received the cold shoulder on the smash bros front from Nintendo, and Rayman just seems to ‘fit’ with the smash bros roster!


  2. #2 by rainawareness on April 11, 2015 - 5:32 pm

    I hope you’re not serious


    • #3 by Prof.mcstevie on April 11, 2015 - 6:27 pm

      That is a very wide open comment, how about narrowing it down to what point so I can actually talk about it?


    • #4 by rainawareness on April 11, 2015 - 8:03 pm

      Well, I meant “I hope you’re not serious because we all know those characters will never be in Smash Bros.”
      The Mega Man ZX characters? They barely got Mega Man! “Oh they’ll go talk to Capcom because I voted for it” No. Those games were awesome but come on.
      Bomberman? Klonoa? Not a single Nintendo character? Come on, we’re talking about the same lazy genius that denied Ridley, from a Nintendo franchise, it sounds pretty delusional to even mention those
      (But not half as bad as that moron that wanted Shovel Knight)


    • #5 by Prof.mcstevie on April 11, 2015 - 8:48 pm

      Hey when they say any character can be voted for its worth it going for something fucking fantastical, I may hate myself for not doing so if it turns out they’ll go pretty damn far for their choices.

      I did try and sell it in the “why they should be in” section as if I was describing it to Sakurai, still wondering if I shoulda added “better than adding Ridley in” as another bonus.


    • #6 by rainawareness on April 11, 2015 - 8:51 pm

      Well, you know, since so much dumb assumptions have been made and so many “nobodies” of videogames have been voted to, and it even got its own page in Know Your Meme, the voting lost all seriousness really fast.


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