Cruising Around To The Sound Of A Bear Eating Peanut Butter: Great Engine Sounds In Video Games


I never notice how much I love the sound of my car going fast till I hit a whopping fuck all per hour. Of course going fast is one thing but it has to sound great, it has to grumble along at normal speed and sound angry at everything as I bypass my opponents with my very own Luigi stare. It’s amazing how much the single component influences my decision when picking a racer or even a racing game, however it is present throughout the entire race so having it be anything below great really sticks out. I thought’d it would be fun to share some of my experiences with speed machines that really nail that great sound effect.


Yes, this DLC looks weird for some of the cars and in general is a bit ugly frankly in a cartoon world full of small airship karts and vicious shells. Yet the Mario Kart 8 Mercedes DLC did provide one nice addition to my driving experience, for free as well: The W 25 Silver Arrow. This balanced kart has a sleek look similar to a previous kart in Mario Karts before, yet it comes with an engine sound that just tickles my fancy. When you bypass someone in this vehicle with a golden mushroom in tow, you feel fast. Not just in visual speed but it sounds like the engine is really kicking it into a new gear at higher speeds.

I very much look forward to the new 200cc speed class coming later this month to both revitalize my joy for the game as well as give me an opportunity to bust out some of my favourite karts. You get so many customisable combinations yet I am one of those players who might prioritise the visual or auditory appeal over the functionality. Yeah I might not have much of a chance of winning, however I am enjoying myself just as much crossing that finish line in style *pops collars that don’t exist*.


The first racing game of any kind that I played that also happily got so much right, Crash Team Racing has a bloody fantastic sound for pretty much any kart. However the fun is more in just the sound of cruising into first place. As many kart racing games do, there is a drift boost system that allows you to gain speed as you go round corners. What I always loved about the sound of each boost as you slide was the meaty, thunderous boom underlying every hit. It sounds thick with power, pushing a weedy little kart to levels beyond what is safe. Clocking at max speed with fantastic boosting has your kart ringing with the whine of your kart on two wheels as you fly past the poor little polar bear, large cylinders of flame shooting out of your exhaust.

I find this game to have a fantastic control and to provide some truly enjoyable kart racing with skill based shortcuts and a great sense of speed. I’ve played a demo of some racing game on the PS3 before and while it did say I was going at 200 mile per hour, it felt like nothing at all. I even checked it wasn’t displaying kilometres, it was trying so hard to make me feel good about bugger all. This game lets you go fast & feel great doing so, try it if you can.


This game. This damn game. THIS GAME IS MEAN. I don’t mean that it is hard, which it is. I mean this game is punishing as all hell for no other reason than “it’s F-Zero”. A shame really, because while you aren’t careening off the edges because one of 30 racers thought today was the day you should feel what being on fire is like, the action is fantastic. What I truly love is the sound when you hit the boost button and you suddenly shoot forward at speeds that start to scare you.

Normal speeds are very fast but they hardly sound like they are the best your car can do, no when you hit the boost multiple times in a row and that surge of energy kicks the car, I feel the adrenaline rise. I suppose this sort of sound design was to make boosting feel good seen as it’s your most likely way to win.

The sound of my vehicle is damn important to me, it makes me feel like I drive a machine that could possibly try to eat me if it had the sentience to, a monster among motorvehicles. I’m not even into cars in the slightest in real life, just a means of travel to me. Video games though bring out the power seeker in these situations though, I wanna rev a car and make people wet themselves a little bit.

Not that I like making people wet themselves, I just like knowing I can if I choose to.

What racing games do you really feel fast and dangerous on the track in? Do you love making burnouts and revving the engine to set the mood or just enjoy the roar of the engine? are you a car fanatic in real life or is it only a video game thing? Thanks for the read and I’ll see you later.


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