There Is No Internet & I Must Tweet: The Future Of Technology But Mostly Video Games


Okay, the router seems to have had it’s fun and I’m looking pretty stable, I swear to every god that exists if it goes down before I post this I’m gonna….do something incredibly rash, to save you the details. This ordeal has me concerned for what the future of technology will bring as I stated in my last “update”, odd jump in scale considering it is after all only a week or so with scattered Internet.

However, the dependence on Internet & technology grows exponentially as the years go by, be it thousands of memories stored on servers that can could burst into flames at a moment notice or an entire career focused around being a presence on the world wide web. The future looks to be humanity hinging more and more on the stability of the largest network to ever exist. The bigger they are the harder they fall has never resonated so strongly before for me.

Did you know that you can use your phone to pay like a credit card to quite an alarming capacity? Well I hope you get fabulous security measures in place or it’ll take the loss of a phone to give a thief access to anything and everything you own. Did you know that some entire countries get to choose between an awful, awful service or become a Pagan and hope Satan gets killer internet speeds? The world of technology is progressing quickly, too quickly in some areas as we don’t seem to have the baseline to keep up, certain areas are sky-rocketing while others are plodding along as usual, both in technology and in countries.

Technology is important to our lives but more importantly it is what the game industry thrives on, more so than any other medium. Just look how far we have come since the days of Pong, the escalation is bewildering to all other mediums who have had perhaps 1 or 2 significant changes in their existence, gaming on the other hand evolving within a few years to a crazy new milestone.

Perhaps such rapid evolution from what was perceived as a throw away concept into a giant plays part in the disdain some hold for gaming, perhaps then asking some to let go of their misconceptions is poorly timed as this is the same time span other mediums went through. Who knows, that subject is for another time, interesting thought though.

Online gaming has been likely the most tremendous game changer in the industry, giving the idea of gaming legs to not only reach far around the world but to be able to sustain for longer, a game could be played for years when every new match is new people. Of course in theory it sounds beautiful but it has had some….fascinating growing pains. Regardless the ability to use the Internet to play people around the world has made an impact that we can still all feel, yet the future was not bright.

With reliance on the Internet came a reliance on good providers, a solid infrastructure in your country as well as many other things. This could have been fine if it stopped there but then we got the digital rush, the sale and procuring of video games as digital files to download rather than a physical copy.

I am a physical person myself but there are various small little titles that I own which suit the digital format tremendously. Ignoring myself they are an ample method for consumers to acquire their games while developers save oodles and doodles of cash in packaging. Yeah downloading can be a hassle if you don’t get great speeds but there wasn’t any massive games that could take an eternity to finally play…..yet.

Now we have patches the size of small games, full games that could destroy a sizeable portion of my hard drive space and and a download speed that…. well often doesn’t cut it. I can get varying speeds but nothing above 5MB/s. My friend plays for fibre optic which, when playing nice, gives him hefty 20MB/s, however recently has decided to bug out and drop to less than even mine on a daily basis.

When we download games we rely on their servers to tackle the stress of millions of users all vying for the same files, no servers means no game. I don’t know about you but I notice a worrying amount of games starting with no multiplayer service due to servers not being able to handle the stress.

Developers aren’t prepared for these numbers and will likely not be able to during a time of economic…..blehh. I really can’t describe it better, things are just kinda dangerous in these waters, not even a golden hit selling millions can save some companies. What will they do when they get the entire console fanbase screaming that they can’t play what they already payed for? Like some people need any more reasons to become loud, obnoxious little pricks.

Let us imagine in the end you have your game and you are enjoying it, however you didn’t pay much attention to the game checking the internet connection. It’s the future of gaming, always gotta check updates and what not, right? Oh, the internet has gone off in your area, I’m sure it’ll be back soon and in the meantime you can simply keep playing.

Except you are now locked out because you are playing what the Xbox One could have been, a big angry machine that gives you the finger should your internet connection go down for whatever reason. I suffered a weak with sporadic internet, however I could still do things without that connection, I wasn’t handcuffed by a temporary fault in an infrastructure older than my Grandmother. Microsoft’s plan for the Xbox One was only retracted after the outcry from the fans and pretty much the entire public. I say petty much because to this day there are defenders of that initial system, the always online box was and to some still is their dream system.

The future approaches and it looks to be a hell of a mess ladies and gentleman and all those who fall in-between. There are some fun times to be sure but if we are going to keep marching down this path we better learn how to navigate the cliffs over the hill.

A lot of things need to come together and succeed if we have a future, even as the worlds most profitable entertainment industry we cannot afford such glaring issues to exist. In fact, as a powerhouse of income damage to this industry has a phenomenal impact on the world now, the industry could crash in the 80’s when it was still small, we don’t have the luxury of such catastrophic damage to gaming in any capacity. I don’t believe such a multi-faceted industry could truly “crash” but I imagine some might start to feel their foundations creaking and losing their strength faster than they’d thought.

I’m not fear-mongering the future of technology and humanity here, I’m just throwing some thoughts out to get people thinking about the signs we have now that show we are not truly prepared. Who among you might be one of the geniuses who help battle these issues? For all we know we may have no choice but to hope someone, somewhere pulls through and provides the beacon of light we need to get home safely.

Where are you you sneaky lighthouse man.

What issues do you see coming up in the future of gaming? Do you think technology needs to slow down so we can catch up? Regale us all some of your woes and troubles with technology, gaming related or otherwise. Thanks for the read and I’ll see you later.

Oh, it was April Fools today, I hate it and I want the take the physical manifestation of the day itself and push it down an upwards escalator to suffer for all eternity. Happy happy joy joy~


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