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Back In My Day We Did Nothing & Liked It: New Standards & Generation Gaps

Back in my day we went outside and played, even in a hurricane. Wait that doesn’t sound much fun but I suppose that is perspective for you. My recent outing of internet had got me thinking about how reliant I am on it to get on with my day to day business and entertain myself […]

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200cc Is Kinda Bad: Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 & 200cc Impressions

What do you do when your internet is up for longer than 30 minutes? Well I for one thought I’d download that there new karting madness by downloading the Mario Kart 8 update with the new speed class and the DLC tracks. For what it cost me as usual I am rather happy with what […]

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Interior Decorating Is Never This Fun In Reality: Owning A House In A Video Game

I don’t know what it is about having your own space in a game, about putting my potted plant in the corner and not those trashy default ones. Filthy potted plant plebeians, ruining all my good work. Owning my own house and decorating it in reality sounds like a lot of money and work, so I […]

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