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A Shoddy Internet Is Ruining Me: The Internet Is Up, A Message To My Followers

I don’t know how long I have till the internet is down again so I’m gonna make this quick. The Internet is a big part of what I do to keep up with the world as the biggest central hub of information in the world. Access to the internet allows me to stay on top […]

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Gameplay May Be King But What Is A King Without His Subjects: The Makeup Of A Great Video Game

My previous post stirred something in me, reminding me of the often promoted idea that “gameplay is king” when it comes to the issue of visuals in a game. Now tell me if this sounds odd but when was the last time you thought greatly of a king when their land was in ruin, where […]

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Damn I’m Good: A Small Celebration Of The Good Times In Gaming

During a conversation about the vast quantity of negativity that is shone on the hobby of gaming, the point about spreading the good and the bad more equally came about. You know what? I may have some negative things to say about my hobby but I criticise because I love it and want it to […]

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