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To Succeed I Feel I Need An Actual Win State: Endless Runners In Video Games

When people first established video games, they often tried to incorporate the rules and ideas that came from other games, sports, board or other. One of these key conditions is that you have a condition which results in victory, some form of completion, defeat of all obstacles before you. However there came the funny little […]

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The Thing We Never Heard Of Apparently Doesn’t Sell Well: SEGA & Localization Mishaps With Video Games

Through a pleasant conversation between myself and a blogger by the name of Vahrkalla I came onto the topic yet again of the problem with Sega localization and to some degree a decent portion of localization efforts. Sega to much surprise do in fact have a quite large spectrum of IPs that they could not […]

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I Just Want My Damn Shiny Already: Difficult Or Lengthy Unlockables In Video Games

Through a concoction of getting illnesses, a general sour mood due to frustrating news and little access to a computer with time and energy to blog I have found myself somewhat neglecting my blog. I don’t feel like I particularly owe anyone anything for following my blog, after all you are here for me and […]

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