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I Know What A Sex Is, Get Back To The Game Please: Video Game Sex Scenes

When I’m holding a controller I generally expect to be only pulled away when it serves a purpose. A cutscene that tells story faster and more fluently than in-game, actions that are so far beyond the means of the mechanics presented in gameplay like fantastical choreographed fighting. What I┬áreally don’t see the appeal of is […]

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It’s Not The Journey Or The Destination, Frankly It’s Both: The Journey & Arrival At An Objective

I can’t believe I forgot about this topic till recently, the last posts somewhat amusing title jogged my memory which is lucky. Whenever I bring up topics of a fun ride that ends in a way I dislike I generally meet some form of “It’s not the destination its the journey”. I could just flip […]

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The Journey Was Nice, The Destination Not So Much: A Quick Fantasy Life For 3DS Overlook

I beat this damn game. I wasn’t thinking I’d do this sort of post however given I made an impression out of whimsy before not doing a sum up after having beat it seemed….cruel.So after 90 hours of chopping, smacking slicing and spamming potions, I beat Fantasy Life. I have to say I rather enjoyed […]

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