Must Anti-Air… Can’t Feel Fingers: The Perfect Weather For Gaming


A stereotype that sounds nice right about now

I haven’t been posting much this month and I really would like to get to posting more frequently, unfortunately circumstance is proving to be a large hamper on my opportunities. The winter weather has shook me of all my strength and my access to the computer has become severely limiting as others in my house turn to hibernation, effectively barring me from my room. I wish I could even game a little bit to find some release of the frustration and even that eludes me, which got me thinking about how small the perfect climate for gaming really is.

During these autumn and winter months I’ve slowly begun feeling more and more tired as well as feeling the frost snap at my low circulated fingertips and toes. As my fingers slowly become numb I weep at the realisation that if I can’t feel my fingers properly, I can’t press buttons on a keyboard or a controller for shit. I try to react quickly and my fingers move sluggishly like I just woke them up, I try to hold down a trigger and I slip off the pressure without noticing, bewildered why I suddenly shot off the stage into my opponents heel and too drained of enthusiasm to even get annoyed. One might even think that the cold does wonders for a computer as it is cooled effectively by the frosty air around it, except that when the electricity surges through the cold parts they heat up rapidly and expand, often causing damage to the circuitry. Keep your beloved rigs and laptops chilled for sure but don’t let them get too cold or you’ll be regretting it, I can see the icicles falling from your weepy eyes already.

I’m not a cold person, I’m of the mind that I’d rather suffer through dehydration than hypothermia, not only because I wouldn’t lose any limbs but also because I have just the worst circulation and insulation in my body, the cold destroys me. During this time of the lead up to Christmas I praise the few days my mother finds money enough to have the heating on. However, even the warmth can ruin my gaming sessions. You ever try playing with sweaty hands? I’m rubbing my hands on my shirt half the damn time just to make sure I don’t drop the controller, handheld gaming is no longer a small diversion of time it is a endless struggle. The warm seasons attack me via a prickly heat that covers the entirety of my back, making it viciously uncomfortable to even lean back and relax without fidgeting in my chair like a child at the cinema. Worse should I find myself somewhat frustrated at a particular section or moment in a game, the previous arrangement of my clothes and body is now the most irritable thing to have ever existed, gotta take a jacket off, shift the shirt a bit, oh god this is too loose on my neck I can’t concentrate!

I saw an amusing image once of someone booting up their PC during the winter, then the summer. The winter image hummed quietly while running a graphically intensive game at full power, an image I can relate to. I can also relate to the summer image of booting up the PC only to have the fan already whirring and screaming at me to open a damn window. The heat makes even doing the simplest things a lengthier chore for my sweet dearest computer, I started it up today and the cores were at 9 degrees Celsius, the summer starting temperature being somewhere within the 18-20 range. I can’t be too cold or too warm or I can’t even attempt to enjoy a session of gaming, I’d wear gloves but then normal gloves I lose the sensitivity of button presses and fingerless gloves just leave my fingertips to suffer alone.

You know the whole image of a gamer in the basement, the stereotype of a sunlight despising creature secluding themselves into the dark corners of the house? Man I wanna be one of those people sometimes! You ever been looking out the window on a bright sunny day when you wake up, the sleep being rubbed out of your eye and your first thought is “the goddamn glare“. I hate glare, I despise it with every fibre of my being when it decides to pop through the blinds of my front room. Oh you were trying to navigate a dark cave? Well now you are blind because the sun is all over the screen, what a cruel world we live in when the sunlight impedes my vision of the dark. In the basement I’d at least have an area of the house void of natural light that could creep in and interrupt my sessions. The sun is supposed to help me become happy through activation of vitamins underneath the skin, shame it always chooses to do so on the one day I attempt the darkest area in the game!

Beyond all the negativity present in this post thus far, I do love gaming when a thunderstorm or a heavy rain is hovering over the household, something about knowing that it is horrible weather outside while I wield a controller makes the whole experience feel homely and warm. It is similar to my general opinion of snow, fantastic to look at but god if I don’t want to be in it when it occurs. Sure, enjoy sheets of snow covering the roads and walkways…as long as I don’t need to go anywhere today, perhaps another point for digital distribution of games over physical can be “when it is shit out we can still buy games”. Yeah I can order it but with the future of technology becoming more about instant gratification I don’t see people holding onto anything that doesn’t give them what they want immediately.

As Christmas approaches I can at least look forward to some hearty meals and vicious snacking days on a jar of sweets to provide me the energy to type up a storm on here. It’s been one hell of a….month and a half or so, I admit I initially had a goal of 50 followers by the turn of the year thinking that it might have been a lofty goal. Then I needed to re-evaluate it to 100 when I suddenly found people were actually paying attention to me in a sea of blogs on very similar subjects. Now? I don’t even bother having a goal, I just want to do all those gave me their enthusiasm and support justice by pushing onward to create more content they would like to see. Huh, I guess the season did bring out a merry side of me in some fashion, now if it can rid me of my debilitations and let me walk without pain I might not carry such malice!

What stops you from getting into a session of gaming, regardless of platform? Do you need a very specific set up to boot up a game or can you feel comfortable wherever? I know I find myself taking some portable RPGs to the loo from time to time! Thanks for supporting my rambles about a passion and I’ll see you all later.


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  1. #1 by YvoCaro on December 15, 2014 - 10:43 pm

    I can game just about anywhere on my portable 3DS, and because I’m always short on time, that’s exactly what I do: game everywhere. In the train, at the doctors office, at the station, in a restaurant waiting for my dinner companion who is late once again. As long as I’ve got my 3DS and my reading glasses…


  2. #2 by trevbook on December 15, 2014 - 3:23 pm

    There’re a lot of conditions that make gaming better, in my mind.

    I always feel guilty when I’m playing inside on a beautiful, sunny day – on the other hand, I love hanging out in a dimly-lit, warm room during a thunderstorm. (Or a snowstorm, really – I can’t wait for winter break, so I can lay in bed for hours and play a couple mindless hours of Minecraft.)


  3. #3 by Feminine and Feline on December 14, 2014 - 1:43 am

    I love gaming.

    & I used to care about how many followers I had. But then I decided it doesn’t matter as long as I have a few wonderful followers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • #4 by Prof.mcstevie on December 14, 2014 - 1:51 am

      I don’t care as much as I thought it would be interesting starting out, just a little goal to keep me motivated is all.

      Liked by 1 person

    • #5 by Feminine and Feline on December 14, 2014 - 1:56 am

      We all have goals (:


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