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One More Tree, One More Rock, One More Quest: Fantasy Life For 3DS Small Impressions

I wasn’t going to post until the new year came and people started freeing up their time again of those people including me, however I felt like having a quick chat about this nifty little game I got recently and how I’ve gotten along with it. From Level 5 comes a life-sim, RPG combo for […]

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He’s Trying To Tell Me Something I Swear: Emotions & Animation In Video Games

As the graphical push for video games marches further and further onward, the visual quality of games will be harder and harder to distinguish as we approach a plateau. The difference between this gorgeous looking game and the next will be become almost indiscernible, worse still these games will often age uncomfortably as technology storms […]

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Look At This Pretty Hypothetical: Downgrades From Video Game Trailers

You know, it isn’t a complicated concept to just market a game for what it is. I’ve already made a little post about my issues with hyping up releases by bombarding the market with the name and logos to the point I can still taste it in my breath. Surely the marketing department of multi […]

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