Stop Dogpiling On The Holiday Season Ya Jerks: Big Release Season For Video Games


Video games are nary a short lived experience. I chuck hours and hours into games over the course of weeks or possibly into months, and the call for bigger games is always the voice that developers seem to think represents us all. I don’t mind a short game as long as it generally feels meaty and hits around maybe 8 hours or so, less tends to make me feel like I had a gaming snack rather than a meal, the fullness of that game won’t keep me for long even if it was an amazing 6 hours. My overarching theme is that games aren’t something you can just set aside a evening to play like a movie, even with movies being often a one and done form of media they release all across the year and seem to understand the amount of free time people have. This is where games stump me and so I ask now: why are you releasing everything around the same time?!

When do people have most of their time freed up? The summer holidays of course, a glorious expanse of nothing for weeks giving gamings most prominent audiences plenty of time to dip into whatever games they want at their luxury, that last part being the optimal part of this post: lots of time. Video games take a lot of time off of a person, time spent often enjoying themselves, but still time. So why has the recent month and the upcoming month been full of massive blockbuster titles one after another? Do they have any idea what happens at work and schools or what have you as you approach Christmas? Crunch time. If it isn’t finished now, it will be forgotten and the new year will start off with you in a sweat. I personally threw all my efforts into a project that they sprung on us 5 weeks before we broke up and I barely made it, giving no time to anything but work. I got a fantastic grade mind you, but I was in no mood for games, especially anything short of perfection as the smallest provocation would push my mental exhaustion over the edge. Do companies not realise this? Am I an anomaly among millions of people who think the time up to Christmas is relaxing? God I hope not.

You know what I also find a massive lack of? Money. Dinero. Legal Tender. Wonga. Smackers. Anybody here think Christmas is cheap? Ha! Christmas is the time to empty your wallets and tighten your sphincter, the storm is coming and it ain’t snow. Games are expensive nowadays, even in a Christmas sale I think to myself that this is way too much for what I’m gonna get out, the price tag of the game rises but my pay doesn’t so I gotta consider how well I wanna eat in the foreseeable future. Close releases of high priced content annihilates my wallet and wiping its tears as I once again pull out my Debit card is taking its toll on my psyche. Getting a new console for these new releases? I’m gonna be wiping away more than tears this time, this is beyond “gotten out of hand” and is starting to look like financial slaughter.

Where do you guys find the finances to keep up with so many close releases? Do you choose to wait it out for the sales later? Do you think the competition of so many titles vying for your money is good for the product? Thanks for checking this article out!


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