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Boom! Could Have Seen That Coming: A Lack Of Retrospective In Video Games

So this little monster of a game had been brewing for a while and while some were doubtful of its potential most seemed optimistic. The idea of a small side series away from the main canon, developed (at least on the Wii U) by a company consisting of some former Naughty Dog developers who seem […]

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Change Is Inevitable, Improvement Is Doubtful: Biometric “Innovations” For Video Games

As time goes by, people will often try and reinvent the wheel in whatever way they can. Sometimes they strike gold and everybody thinks this new idea works fantastically, other times a good idea is brought down with horrible execution. Then there areĀ thoseĀ ideas, be it a gimmick that everybody forgot or an idea so stupid […]

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Would Somebody Give That Girl A Damn Hug?!: Character Resonance In Video Games

So a video game is a fictional world,yes? Those worlds can have entirely different ways of life than the reality we all know and as such common sense might differ from our mindset, we can all agree to this I believe. I see them face a moment with a simple decision to do from even […]

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