Backpedal Faster Dammit!: The Game Industry & Its Graphical Charge

More impressive textures. Better animations. More polygons. More, more more has been the mantra for most of the video game industry for the past 3 or so generations. Actually it seems to be the core idea since the beginning, but it had never been pushed so hard as those recent 3.

And now we have reached the point where many realise the flaws in this decision. Ubisoft recently joined this bandwagon by saying that no one really cares about 1080p, that it is a minority of people who are actually talking about it at all. Bloodbourne creators FromSoftware are saying that 30fps is the best for the game. These are only a few of what is becoming a growing area of developers who are stating that resolution and fps aren’t as important as they are promoted as.

Unfortunately, higher frames per second and higher resolution do matter. A higher framerate creates a far superior fluidity to the animations of the content, it seems to improves input response as well from my experience, when the frames drop you can’t get button inputs to hit when you want so when I’m trying to turn a corner in racing game quickly and the frames start dipping it doesn’t seem to register when I’ve started or stopped pressing buttons as well. Some say you don’t really notice the difference, those people haven’t played smash brothers for the 3DS. Characters run at 60, assist trophies and pokemon run at 30. It is obnoxiously jarring watching a smoothly animated character get all the dragoon pieces and then watch the animation that occurs at half the frames, it looks….it looks….”janky”.

Higher resolution is the only justice that is done to the quality of textures that are popping up in the current generation. Spatial resolution is a big issue for me in my games and it makes a good looking character look kinda ugly. For those who don’t know what that is, spatial resolution is the measure of how closely lines can be resolved in an image. It changes the clarity of an image compared to one of a lower at the same size, rather than distance. Speaking of distance, I am tired of my game characters intricate clothing starting to look like ass unless I’m fully zoomed in during character creation, especially with more physics implementations creating flowing dynamic clothes and hair. This is also important when you need to see objects off in the distance.

Now I don’t mind reducing say the framerate or resolution for more effects. This trade seems to be the main occurrence that is stopping games running at these levels on consoles, they want all their added effects and special systems that would push the system far too much if it also ran on all those settings. I personally think that many of these extra effects, especially things like physics engines and rag-dolls, are very unnecessary and are a waste of computer power. Fine, you want it? Give me the choice, I’ll put up with lower quality animation if I can play in a game world that has all the extras that make it fun to be a part of.

Just stop making excuses like saying it is better, everybody can see through your obvious lies and would prefer you just admit you wanted to prioritize something else. Maybe for some reason you have been told to lie to your fans and fellow consumers by your boss or what have you, you know what you should do? Ignore them, they don’t understand the technology and vision of the development team and you need to show the trustworthiness and honesty of the company. They would be damaging their reputation by lying and a company without any credibility is a meaningless place to work.

Can we just cut the bullshit please? Thanks.


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