It’s Not Me It’s All Of You: What Too Much Freedom Breeds

Since its inception the medium of video games has gotten flak for many things, whether it be a time waster, being only for children to turning your brain to mush or gamers being X or Y.

I don’t think any technology is inherently bad. That is to say that I believe all technology is generally neutral and it is the people who use it and apply themselves to it create the benefits and the problems. Hell any new technology created is somehow used to create something about sexual titillation or excitement, the porn industry may be a lot of things but my god they know how to adapt to new technology so well it is absolutely terrifying.

Gamer to my mind is a gaming enthusiast. In the same way that driving does not make you a car enthusiast, playing games does not equal gamer, to my mind at least. I care about where my money goes and the kind of people who benefit from my money, I would find issue if the greatest thing in the world would donate even the most minuscule portion to Satan, that guy is a real jerk.

People express themselves through games and you realise that, just like the internet, they get into habits that they do only because they can get away with it. My personal opinion has always been that people do not have a right to freedom, they have a right to prove their worth of it. Far too many people use this world of anonymity without consequences as a playground to indulge some incredibly negative traits of theirs. “this team is awful” usually comes without any possible consideration that perhaps they are the issue, it is never you, it is everyone else who sucks. Now sometimes you do get an entire team of poor players, but I’ve found throwing insults and ignoring them fervently will make them better (granted language barriers do mess that up, but then you can blame the company for the poor matchmaking).

There will always be those who strive for positivity and making better of themselves from their games, technology or what have you. Friendships are found and deep, intellectual debates about serious issues are explored among others. I have found more about myself in experiencing video games than my day to day life purely because of the quantity and quality of the roles and experiences I have access to. I will admit some technology is more facilitating to problems and that these issues should have been addressed as soon as it was discovered, but then that is an ideal versus reality.

I can foster the misogynistic attitude I learned from parents/grandparents if I create a bubble of like minds and steer away from a conflicting opinion. But I can also improve my understanding of the world by reaching out to a network of new people with similar interests. It only gives out what I put in, I didn’t pick up a controller and become an asshole, I was an asshole from the get go.


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  1. #1 by Gaming Backlog on March 16, 2015 - 6:01 am

    I remember when the internet wasn’t a common thing. Actually, I remember a time when I didn’t know anybody with the internet, and we were thinking of good “internet names” for when it finally showed up at everyone’s doorstep.

    During that time, we used to look forward to the conversations we would have with people all around the world. We were excited to learn, and to communicate with each other. Now, you can’t go into a Yahoo! chat without 100 porn bots spamming you, and you can barely voice an opinion without getting trolled to death.

    The technology we have now is amazing, and it’s still getting better. It sucks that people have to ruin the experience with an elementary school-style bullying humor. It’s not funny, and it doesn’t hurt my feelings. It is, however, a waste of my time.


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