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I’m Not A Feminist, As I Have Yet To Personally Find Anyone Who Doesn’t Care About Equality

Growing up I never saw any particular disapproval of gay marriage or having people of another race subject to racism or real stereotypes. This extends to women given equality as well, and I think it is mostly to do with the people I was around growing up to this point in my life. I have […]

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Clash Of Warriors: Power Portrayal In Video Games

After having a go with the latest entry in the Smash Bros. series demo, I find myself disliking a few things. I generally dislike the new sound design of the attacks, but I want to talk about exactly why I do. The new sound effects don’t feel powerful, they lack punch in┬ájust the right way […]

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Backpedal Faster Dammit!: The Game Industry & Its Graphical Charge

More impressive textures. Better animations. More polygons. More, more more has been the mantra for most of the video game industry for the past 3 or so generations. Actually it seems to be the core idea since the beginning, but it had never been pushed so hard as those recent 3. And now we have […]

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